About Us

Hello and welcome!

I’m Theresa, the founder and creator of The Little Pilgrim. That’s me with my handsome hubby and our five littles (they aren’t quite that little anymore).
If you have a minute there are a few things I’d love to share with you about The Little Pilgrim…

As you can see from the photo above, my husband was in the Navy, which meant we moved, a lot. When we would explore our new duty stations, we would seek out any shrines, missions, or cathedrals as a family. 

I came up with pilgrimage books to teach and engage kids at holy sites because almost all of the holy sites I’d visit with my own kids didn’t have anything geared for them. I guess we had been spoiled by the Junior Ranger program at the National Parks we also visited.   

I’d get a flood of ideas every time we’d visit a holy site of things I wanted to point out to my kids and ways I could make it more fun for them. If only someone would put these ideas into a handy little book for my kids to carry around!

Eventually I discerned that the Holy Spirit was calling me to make these myself. 

We’re a small Catholic, family run ministry-business. A lot of prayer goes into every page of the books, and every step of this business. Our mission is to help kids fall in love with our Catholic faith and feel connected to our heritage through pilgrimage.

This is just the beginning! I am working on more books and resources all the time. Since my primary vocation and job is wife and homeschooling mom, I squeeze in this work wherever I can. My husband and kids are my biggest cheerleaders though!

But I’m hoping that as my family grows, and as this business grows, The Little Pilgrim will be able to provide you with more and more resources to go on more pilgrimages with your kids (grandkids, nieces and nephews, godchildren, etc.)!

Artists We've Worked With

We want to thank the wonderful artists who have allowed us to use their beautiful work in our books: