Hi! My name is Theresa, wife to my wonderful husband Brian, and mother to four littles, ages 6, 4, 3, and 1. For awhile now I’ve been dreaming up this site that not only is a place to share my family’s adventures to holy places and experience Catholic culture outside of our homes and local parish, but to inspire other Catholic families to explore beautiful, historic, and spiritual places in our own backyards, or by learning about them from afar. Join me as we explore what God, and those who love Him, have done in the world.


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  1. Love this site! A beautiful way to assist other parents in sharing the Faith. And you started with one of my favorite places in Southern Cal – San Juan Capistrano!

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    • Thank you Mary! I’m really excited to finally be executing this project. It’s been a developing idea in my head for a while now. I pray that it will aide and inspire other families, and be a place to compile a really fun side of Catholic culture.


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